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Editing Faculty Profiles

Getting Started

If your faculty profile has already been created for you, you have attended at least one Ingeniux training session and you would like to make edits to that profile, follow the steps below to make changes to your profile.

Logging In:

To log in to the CMS, open an browser window and enter the following URL in the location window:

You will be greeted with the following dialogue box:

Log in

  • Your User Name is ad\ + your regular network user name (i.e. ad\jdoe).
  • Your password is your network password.

Navigate the Site TreeSite Tree

In the left frame of the system, be sure to have the "Site" tab selected at the top of your site tree column. Expand your site tree (shown on right) by clicking the "+" icons until you see a listing of your departmental profiles. Click on the file with your name.



Check Out Your Page

After you've clicked on your profile, the "Check Out" button in the toolbar (shown below) will become selectable. Click on "Check Out" to make edits to your page.

Ingeniux Toolbar


Making Edits to Your PageEdit Pane

Once you've checked out your page, you can make edits to the text and images that appear on it. So far, you have used the site tree and toolbar. To actually edit the content of your page, you will use the edit pane (shown on right) of the system. Most of the top portion of the edit pane (Name, Title, Phone, Email, Homepage Link, C.V., Directory Abstract, and Headshot Thumbnail) is content that displays on both your individual page and on your department directory page. Take a moment to browse these links to understand how this information populates both pages. If you edit your phone number, it will be changed in both places. You can make edits to these fields in plain text.

Using the Rich Text Editor

Editing the lower portion of your profile page requires the use of a "rich text" editor (shown below). This editor has the same look and feel of word processing software such as Microsoft Word. You can bold, italicize, underline, create ordered and unordered lists, indent, align text, as well as create hyperlinks (tutorial), anchors (tutorial) and tables. While you have the ability to insert images and anchors, this is not recommended for faculty/staff profile pages. Additionally, you can insert special characters and make use of a spell checker. Finally, when creating rich text content, you can apply several styles, including an assortment of colors and three different font sizes. Very restricted use of the colors is encouraged--don't overdo it!Rich Text Editor

Using the Various Editor Sections

If you add content to any of the "rich text" editors on the page, those sections will be populated on your profile page. There are designated editors for General Information, Education, Research Interests, Teaching, and Selected Publications. Additionally, if you would like another section, there are two flexible editor sections to which you can add your own titles and content.

Adding Images to Your Profile

Before you can add an image to your profile, you must first find an appropriate image, crop and save it (tutorial, NOTE: save your image as a thumbnail [80px wide] and full size [your preference -200px wide preferred]), and upload it (tutorial, NOTE: follow the first portion of the tutorial, don't insert it yet).  Once you've uploaded your images, you may choose them as your thumbnail and headshot. Click the "Browse" button next to these fields (shown below).

Image browse button.

Browsing Your Image Folder

After clicking "Browse", a pop-up window will display your image assets.  Expand the tree of folders in the left column and click on your departmental folder (shown on right). Your departmental images will appear in the right column of the pop-up and you may select your headshot or thumbnail, depending on which "Browse" button you clicked.


Check Your Page In

Where your "Check Out" button was in the toolbar, there should now be a "Check In" button.  Now that you have finished making your edits, click the "Check In" button. Your edits should be live within 2.5 hours at most during regular business hours. If you don't see your changes after a period longer than that, contact Eric Owsley.