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Washington and Lee University
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What sort of service opportunities are there at W&L?

Most students on campus are involved with giving back both to the university and the community. Some service opportunities incorporate outreach efforts nationally and abroad.

The Nabors Service League (NSL) is a student-run service organization that fosters a campus-wide spirit of community service and engagement. NSL, named in memory of Jonathan Nabors, W&L Class of 2002, was created in Jonathan's memory as a network for volunteerism, with the goal of connecting members of the W&L community with service opportunities in Lexington and Rockbridge County. Also, the active fraternities and sororities support philanthropy and civic engagement for a variety of causes from education to healthcare. Many students choose to continue their lifestyles of service by pursuing alternative post-graduate options such as the Peace Corps, Teach for America and fellowships like the Fulbright.

The Shepherd Poverty Program is an interdisciplinary approach to solving the epidemic of poverty. This program focuses on helping truly disadvantaged communities and empowering individuals with the resources and knowledge to implement change via policy, business, and hands-on experiences.

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