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Joining Greek Life

How do I join a Greek organization?

At W&L, formal recruitment takes place during the second (winter) term. That means our students have a full 12 weeks to get used to life without mom and dad, try the legendary waffle-maker in the Dining Hall, make new friends and learn about Greek Life. During Orientation Week and toward the end of fall term, information sessions regarding Greek Life will be held to introduce interested first year students to fraternity and sorority life. First-year students interested in joining a Greek organization must complete fall term and meet the minimum grade requirements, which vary by organization. Once you've decided you'd like to join a Greek organization you'll be lead through the Formal Recruitment process by un-affiliated upper-class students during the first week of winter term. So for the time being just sit back, relax, get to know your new classmates and try out that waffle maker!

NPHC organizations have a separate intake process.

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