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Washington and Lee University
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The Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

  • The Chemistry & Biochemistry Hall
    The Chemistry & Biochemistry Department offices and laboratories are located on the third and fourth floors of the Science Addition. The Departmental Office and Chair can be found in room A330. The Chemistry & Biochemistry Department also maintains a stockroom and NMR laboratory. The Department holds its lectures in the lecture rooms found on the first, second, and ground floor levels of the Addition.
  • Typical Classroom
    We have various sizes of classrooms from the largest, which is designed to hold about 90 students, to the two main lecture halls (right), which are designed for about 60 students. The Chemistry Department also uses smaller classrooms and quiz rooms that seat about 20 students. All classrooms are equipped with multimedia projection systems.
  • General Chemistry Laboratory
    Lab experience transfers skills to the individual, and students need the best equipment to do this. This lab is equipped with powerful hoods for ventilation. Each partner group has their own, ample bench space and locker for their glassware. Students are given four hours of lab time per week to complete their labs which are based on a semi-micro scale level so that the transition from class-oriented labs to individual research is as easy as possible.
  • Organic Chemistry Laboratory
    The laboratory used for Organic Chemistry classes is equipped with twelve six-foot hoods. Partners share a hood for the lab section allowing each section to consist of twenty-four students. Thus, all laboratory work is done within the hoods. Each partner group also has their own glassware (both standard and specialty organic ground glassware) and locker in which to store their equipment. Organic laboratory sections meet four hours once a week.
  • Biochemistry Laboratory
    The biochemistry laboratory is used for both biochemistry I and II labs. The lab is equipped with three six-foot hoods and can accommodate up to twelve students per lab section. Biochemistry lab equipment includes an ultracentrifuge, refrigerated centrifuge, various microcentrifuges, spectrophotometers, protein and nucleic acid gel electrophoresis equipment, thermal cycler, speed vac concentrator, -80ºC freezer, autoclave, luminometer, shaker/incubator and UV crosslinker. Biochemistry lab sections meet fours per week.
  • Research Laboratory
    Our students have the opportunity to experience the phenomenon of undergraduate research in a meaningful way. The synthetic research labs contain various new and upgraded equipment: two state-of-the-art glove boxes for air-sensitive experiments, Parr-hydrogenation apparatus, specialty glassware (e.g., Schlenk lines), and powerful air ventilation systems comprised of high-quality hoods.