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Caleb Dance Caleb Dance, our newest assistant professor, will be joining the Classics faculty next fall. He is currently at Columbia University where he is completing his doctoral dissertation on laughter in Roman poetry. Mr. Dance specializes in Augustan Poetry, Comic Theory and Ancient Literary Criticism. Additionally, as an accomplished jazz musician, he has served as a music educator and cultural envoy since 2005 as part of the Modern Improvisational Music Appreciation [MIMA] program. MIMA, which is supported by the US State Department, is a musical outreach program for disadvantaged children and teenagers around the world. Mr. Dance also recently directed and produced a stage production of Plautus' comedy Persa.

The Annual Hoyt Lecture in Classics:

Professor Jonathan Edmondson (York University) will give a talk on "The Emperor Commodus in the Arena: Power and Myth in Imperial Rome." on Tuesday, March 18th at 7 pm in the Stackhouse Theater.




GRANTS AND FELLOWSHIPS. Washington and Lee students are eligible for a wide variety of grants and fellowships to support study and travel during the undergraduate years as well as for graduate studies. Please visit the university website on Grants and Fellowships, which lists all these opportunities with links to detailed information on each, deadlines, application materials, etc. Freshman year is not too early to begin browsing this site and planning options for the future. Deadlines are looming for summer financial support: Johnson Opportunity Grant applications due March 15; Woolley Summer Travel Grant applications due February 15; R. E. Lee grant applications due in January.