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Useful Links for General Research


General Sites of Particular Use to Educators

The Higher Education Compliance Alliance is a centralized repository of information and resources for compliance with federal laws and regulations.

The Office of General Counsel at The Catholic University of America. This site houses the Campus Legal Information Clearinghouse, a collaborative effort of the American Council on Higher Education (ACE) and Catholic University's Office of General Counsel. It is a great resource for higher education legal issues and practical compliance materials on a wide variety of topics.

The National Association of College and University Attorneys (NACUA). Within this site, "New Documents and Cases" can be of particular use to nonmembers.

Council on Law in Higher Education. This site offers legal resources on specific higher education topics, as well as other compliance materials and updates (nonmember access to portions of site).

American Council on Higher Education

Chronicle of Higher Education

United Educators

National Association of College and University Business Officers

Good Jumping Off Points for Research (with links to laws, regulations, cases, etc.)

Google. You can do general topic searches, and keyword searches focused on college and university home pages (keyword and "site:edu" or "site:institution's domain name").

Government sites =

College and university sites =

Legal Research in a Nutshell. This page provides links to websites discussed or mentioned in Morris L. Cohen & Kent C. Olsen, Legal Research in a Nutshell, 8th ed. (Thomson West, 2003).

Findlaw. Good site for federal resources, particularly if you know the specific case, law, or regulation cite you need.

Legal Information Institute. To specify education topics, go to A good cite for recent Supreme Court and federal circuit court cases on education, and laws/regs on education.

American Law Sources Online. Good site for state and federal court decisions (identifies relevant federal circuit for location); also state laws/regs/attorney general opinions.

Campus Legal Information Clearinghouse

Pending Federal Legislation and Legislative Tracking/History

THOMAS. Site allows you to track progress of pending legislation, revisions to bills, committee reports, etc.

Sites for Researching State Legal Resources

There are not uniform URLs for state law resources, and some states have better coverage than others. For court cases, try (insert the abbreviation for your state where "va" appears). This does not work for laws or regulations. Try your state's official website and look for legislative or regulatory information links. Or, use American Law Sources Online (above).

Virginia legislative/Code/regulations. (Can link to code, agency regulations, pending legislation.)

Virginia Attorney General Opinions. This works for some other states by inserting the appropriate state abbreviations, but not for all.

Selected Sites within the U.S. Department of Education

General site

Office for Civil Rights

Office for Post-Secondary Education  

Other Resources for Legal and Educational Updates

American Council on Education

Cornell Law School - Legal Information Institute

Catholic University - Campus Legal Information Clearinghouse

Chronicle of Higher Education

Virginia Lawyers Weekly

Popular Names of Significant New Federal Laws - 104th through 107th Congress

Hard Copy Resources on General Higher Education Issues

The Law of Higher Education, William A. Kaplan and Barbara A. Lee, Jossey-Bas Publishers, 4th edition (2006).

Syntheses: Law & Policy in Higher Education, College Administration Publications (704) 277-8777, Asheville, N.C. (Quarterly newsletter, devoted to specific topic).

The College Student and the Courts, College Administration Publications (800) 367-9577, Asheville, N.C. (Quarterly cases and commentary newsletter).

The College Administrator and the Courts, College Administration Publications (800) 367-9577, Asheville, N.C. (Quarterly cases and commentary newsletter).

Higher Education Law Bulletin, College and University Law Press (619) 696-8239, San Diego, CA. (Quarterly newsletter).

Lex Collegii, College Legal Information, Inc., Nashville, TN. (Quarterly newsletter for independent higher education).

Education Law Reporter, West Publishing Co. (800) 328-9352, St. Paul, MN. (Weekly cases, commentary, and articles on education issues).