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Tegrity - classroom video capture

Tegrity is a service that allows faculty members to automatically capture, store, and index classroom-related audio and video, for review later by students on the Web.   It allows faculty members  to enter a classroom and begin recording with just a few mouse clicks. Tegrity records not only the person speaking, but also any on-screen actions performed using the classroom computer, or devices attached to that computer, such as a document camera. The video is automatically saved to a Tegrity server on-campus, which is available via the Web to students in the course and others approved by the faculty member.

Faculty members interested in using the service should contact the Information Desk in Leyburn by calling X 4357 or send an e-mail to requesting information, at least two weeks in advance.  A few classrooms have cameras and other equipment required for Tegrity to also record video of what is happening in the classroom.

More information on Tegrity, including sample videos, is available at