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Michael Thompson '09

Working Together

It wasn’t until he came to Virginia from La Jolla, Calif., that Michael Thompson truly became an environmentalist. Through his studies as a geology major with a concentration in environmental studies, Thompson has discovered interests that are steering him toward a career in renewable energy.

Since his sophomore year, Thompson has belonged to the Student Environmental Action League (SEAL), an organization dedicated to increasing environmental awareness, promoting campus sustainability and informing students about service opportunities. SEAL supported the University’s Sustainability Week in the fall. Among other activities, it plans a light-bulb exchange where the W&L community can exchange incandescent bulbs for compact florescent lights that increase energy efficiency and last years longer.

“I think W&L is doing a great job of greening its campus, specifically with help from the leadership of our faculty and the president’s office,” said Thompson. “We still face a daunting task to achieve a sustainable campus under national standards, which means that all members of the W&L community need to work together to achieve our goal.”