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Logging into the Ingeniux CMS

Did you remember to put ad\ before your username?

Recommended Browsers:

Ingeniux is now available to PC and MAC users on any browser. For optimal performance, we recommend that PC users run Ingeniux on the most current version of Internet Explorer, and MAC users run the most current version of Firefox.

Logging In:

To log in to the CMS, open an browser window and enter the following URL in the location window:

You will be greeted with the following dialogue box:

  • Your User Name is ad\ + your regular network user name (i.e. ad\jdoe).
  • Your password is your network password.

When you first log in to the site, you will be taken to your Content Store, which lists any content creation wizards that are available to you, as well as pages in progress, favorite pages that you have bookmarked, and pages recently visited. (On subsequent visits, the CMS will open to the page you were last working on.) You may choose to begin working from the content store or navigate to your desired page in the site tree in the left column of the CMS interface.