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David Keeling '73

Artist, Lexington and Claremont, St. Ann, Jamaica

Keeling, who majored in European history, was born and raised on a farm in the forested hills of Jamaica, “near crystal-clear rivers that cascade in waterfalls onto reef-fringed, yellow-sand beaches,” he said. “I was surrounded by a beautiful, natural, tropical environment whose abundant human, animal and botanical life I loved, and today I want to preserve.” The ecology of the islands and their rich biodiversity are threatened by the stress of tourism and a lack of appreciation, even by the residents. Accordingly, Keeling supports the Northern Jamaica Conservation Association and the White River/Ocho Rios Marine Park management project, both of which are dedicated to preserving the natural resources of the islands. “Environmental preservation is an attempt to create sustainability and balance, which are a quality of beauty—essential for my artwork.”