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Washington and Lee University

Washington and Lee University
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Howard Hughes Medical Institute Grant

 HHMI Fellow development will include:

  • a research preparation course (INTR 200 or approved equivalent) during their first Spring Term as a Fellow
  • two intensive summer research periods with a chosen faculty mentor
  • academic year research opportunities with faculty mentor
  • weekly group meetings in the summer (and monthly through the academic year)
  • weekly brown-bag summer lunchtime sessions for invited speakers, for presentation of ongoing summer research, and for career planning or preparing publications
  • introduction to special facilities and equipment for shared use
  • a program for one-on-one mentoring by the program director and faculty
  • the option of supplementary training at another institution during their 2nd intensive research period.
  • participation in an on-campus annual fall poster session and/or in our biennial interdisciplinary conference
  • publication in a student-run science journal
  • attend and present work at a national meeting
  • preparation of a manuscript for peer-reviewed journal publication.

INTR 200: Research Preparation in the Sciences (4 credits, spring term):

This course will be composed of seminar and workshop modules on such topics as: critical reading of research papers; use of relevant primary literature in experimental design; integrative approaches to research questions; use of quantitative methods and modeling; data acquisition, record-keeping, and analysis; research ethics; introduction to specific lab techniques used in research; scientific writing and data presentation. In addition, students will develop and present a research plan for their research project that will be discussed and critiqued by the whole group.