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Washington and Lee University

Washington and Lee University
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Michael A. Pleva

Robert Lee Telford Professor of Chemistry

duPont 201A
(540) 458-8822


  • 1969 Ph. D. in Chemistry, University of New Hampshire
  • 1965 M.S. Trinity College, Hartford, Conn.
  • 1963 B.S. Trinity College, Hartford, Conn.


  • Chem 112 Aqueous Inorganic Chemistry
  • Chem 311 Analytical Chemistry
  • Chem 106 Nonlinear Dynamics (Chaos)
  • Chem 296 Hazardous Materials

Selected Publications

  • "An Expert-Database System for Sample Preparation by Microwave Dissolution. 1. Selection of Analytical Descriptors", J. Chem. Inf. Comput. Sci. 1989, 29, 11-17.
  • "The expert system: A tool for the analytical chemist", American Laboratory, October 1988, pp 64-79.
  • "An information system for selecting methods of Chemical Analysis", American Laboratory, March 1987, pp 17.
  • "Instrumentation and the Total Analytical Process", J. Chem. Ed., Feb 1985
  • "Keeping up with the Instrument Explosion", Chem Tech, July 1982, pp 444
  • "A Computer-based Compendium for Selected Instrumental Network", Trends in Analytical Chemistry, Vol 1, No. 11, July 1982, pp 242
  • "Instrumentation, Information, and Education", American Laboratory, Dec. 1980, pp 6
  • "Atomic Spectroscopy as a Tool in Artifact Analysis in Historic Site Archaeology", Va. Journal of Science, 29, pp 81
  • "The Analytical Problems of Pottery Analysis", Va. Journal of Science, 30, pp 65
  • "A Computer Information Network for Users of Chemical Instrumentation", J. Chem. Ed., Vol. 57, No. 9, pp A255, Sept. 1980
  • "Instrumentation Information Network Project", American Laboratory, May 1980, 95-97

Professional Organizations

American Chemical Society


NSF, Lech, Toxotx. (applied for)