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Washington and Lee University
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Program Options

Students at Washington and Lee can earn a Virginia state license in elementary, middle or secondary education. In consortium with Southern Virginia University, the University offers the coursework that is required for licensure. Students are encouraged to meet with the Director or Assistant Director of Teacher Education to discuss course and fieldwork requirements if they have interest in teaching.

A liberal arts education provides excellent preparation for elementary and secondary school teaching. All states require professional education courses for licensure to teach in public schools, although requirements differ from state to state. In most cases, students who meet the requirements for a Virginia license will receive initial licensure to teach in all other states through reciprocal agreements among state departments of education. In addition, many private secondary schools favor applicants who have been licensed through a state-approved program.

Students with an interest in education who lack the time to pursue a teaching license may take a selection of professional studies courses after consulting with the Director of Teacher Education. Opportunities also exist for varied field experiences in the local area schools.

I’m interested in Teach for America and Fulbright options for teaching English abroad…

  • EDUC 200
  • EDUC 210
  • Reading course on the elementary or secondary level, depending on interest, EDUC 305 or EDUC 353.

I’m interested in teaching in a private school…

  • Elementary: EDUC 200, 210, and EDUC 305 minimum; an elementary methods course is also recommended.
  • Secondary: EDUC 200, 210, 353 minimum; secondary methods are also recommended

I’m interested in Educational Policy and Poverty Studies…

  • EDUC 200, 210 (with fieldwork on elementary, middle and secondary)

I’m interested in Elementary Education Licensure…

I’m interested in Secondary and Middle Education Licensure…