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Host Family Program

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Host Family Program?

The host family program provides an opportunity for international students attending Washington and Lee University to meet American families in Lexington. Host families help students become acquainted with American life and provide assistance to them if/when needed. Host families and students share in the excitement of getting to know people from other cultures.

Why should I apply?

Having a host family may ease your transition into American life and allow you to learn about the culture in non-academic ways. You also have the opportunity to share your own culture with people interested in learning about it.

Who should apply?

Only new international students who have never lived or studied in the US before .

What will my host family and I do together?

We will organize an initial reception during international student orientation where you get to meet your host family and at that time they will invite you to their home for dinner. Later you could be invited to their house for dinner or to go on a picnic or other outing. They may invite you to share a holiday meal or show you historical places of interest in the area. They may invite you to a football game or to go shopping.

What is a host family NOT for?

While the host family may occasionally offer to take you shopping or out to dinner, your host family is not a taxi service. Please do not expect your host family to regularly provide transport for you.

How much time does it take?

This depends on the student and the host. By mutual agreement you might meet as often as it is convenient throughout the semester on weekends, evenings, and/or holidays.

Who are the host family volunteers?

They are residents from the local community. Some are W&L faculty and staff. Some are single or have family. All are interested in meeting international students.

Why do they want to be host families?

They have many different reasons. Some want to learn about other countries and cultures. Some may want to practice a foreign language. Others just enjoy helping people.

Are all host volunteers American?

Most are. Non-American volunteers have lived in the US for a long time.

How do I apply?

Please complete and return the attached application to Amy Richwine at the Center of International Education by July 1. There are a limited number of host families. If you are seriously committed to having a host family, please apply promptly. Thank you.