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Service Learning

The Environmental Studies Program  offers service learning courses each semester.  These one credit courses engage students in serving the Rockbridge community through their coursework. It follows a service-learning process, which combines teaching, learning, and reflecting and are intended to complement the Introduction to Environmental Studies 110 course. Topics have included environmental education, community supported agriculture and regional conservation issues.

Service learning opportunities are also available in other disciplines and courses on campus, several with multiple service emphases that include the environment and other aspects of sustainability.

The Shepherd Program - The Shepherd Program for the Interdisciplinary Study of Poverty and Human Capability integrates academic study and learning through service and reflection.

The Bonner Leaders Program aims to provide a unique college experience for a select number of students by empowering them to further the culture of service on campus and in the local community through the productive use of service, education and leadership.

The School of Law third year program has a requirement that all students must engage in extra-curricular law-related service, which may include traditional programs internal to the Law School, such as participation in student organizations; or in external community service and pro bono activities. There are a number of law clinics that help meet the need for legal assistance in the area while also educating students including:

Black Lung Legal Clinic
Community Legal Practice Clinic
Criminal Justice Clinic
Low Income Taxpayer Clinic
Oliver Hill House Community Law Clinic

Other courses that involve service learning and/or the environment include:

Economics 238: Poverty and Inequality in the United States
Education 200: Foundations of Education
Poverty 102: Poverty and Human Capability
Journalism 240: Journalism of Poverty
Sociology 374: Introduction to Survey Data Analysis
Spanish 201: Supervised Study Abroad Costa Rica

Student clubs and organizations also offer service learning opportunities that are not associated with academic departments.