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Washington and Lee University

Washington and Lee University
Washington and Lee University Campus Image

Physical Campus

The Washington and Lee campus consists of about 415 acres in the city of Lexington and Rockbridge County. The academic campus of Washington and Lee contains many historic structures including the colonnade, Lee Chapel and the Lee House where Robert E. Lee lived while president of Washington College. The chapel, colonnade and front campus are listed as a National Historic District. There are also two historic restoration gardens in front campus area. The developed part of the campus consists of approximately 90 acres traversed by Woods Creek and the Woods Creek Trail.

The back campus area of approximately 275 acres on the western side of the campus is mostly wooded. The ruins of Liberty Hall part of the predecessor Washington Academy is located there as well as the Campus Garden, the Fechnay Ropes Challenge Course, a disc golf course, back campus trails and 5, 6 and 8K cross country courses.