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Frequently Asked Questions About Recycling

Q: What is mixed paper?
A: "Clean mixed paper" includes: computer and copier paper, hard and soft back books, junk mail, newspapers, magazines and ‘slick’ printed material. Staples, tape and the occasional paperclip are OK. It does not include: paper contaminated by food, metal or plastic bound materials, corrugated cardboard, food containers (i.e. pizza boxes), waxed paper, or general trash.

Q: Can I recycle waxed milk/ juice cartons and pizza boxes?
A: Lexington and thus the W&L recycling program does not accept waxed milk or juice cartons but does accept plastic milk jugs.  Empty and clean pizza boxes may be recycled with CARDBOARD. 

(Rockbridge County DOES accept waxed milk and juice boxes (plastic caps with plastic) as MIXED PAPER.  Plastic milk jugs and pazza boxes may be recycled at the county recycling sites also.

Q: Why is there a rule against leaving caps on bottles?

A: Lexington and thus the W&L recycling program does not accept bottle caps.

Rockbridge County does accept bottle caps. The caps may be recycled separately as plastic but they are often made from a different type of plastic which makes recycling the bottles much harder. Also the bottles are compressed in a baling machine for transport and when capped bottles are bailed, pressure builds up in the bottles and the tops can pop off and endanger the recycling center employees.

Q: Do I have to remove the paper labels from cans and bottles?
A: No.

Q: Why do we have to empty and rinse out cans and bottles? It's a pain!
A: Empty cans and bottles are lighter and also create less mess. They attract fewer insects and are less likely to smell. Cans and bottles that are rinsed out create even fewer problems.

Q: When is recycling picked up?
A: Recycling in the academic buildings is collected on Tuesday and Thursday mornings except when the schedule has to be altered for holidays or weather.  Other areas on campus have different schedules.  If you have a large amount of material please call University Facilities and submit a work order to have the material picked up.

Q: What if a shared hallway bin is dirty, unlabeled of missing?
A: Contact University Facilities to place a work order.

Q: I have seen recycling being put into a trash truck, why?A: This happens when people contaminate a recycling container with trash or another type of recyclable material.  Buyers will refuse to accept loads of contaminated recyclables.