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Recycling & Waste Minimization

The recycling program at Washington and Lee University is operated by University Facilities and is guided by the University's motto: non incautus futuri, not unmindful of the future. University Facilities, with the assistance of the University Sustainability Committee, has developed policies and programs to minimize waste in order to create a more sustainable campus.

The '3Rs' - reduce, reuse and recycle - should be done in order.  First reduce the amount of material items that you are responsible for by mindful purchasing.  Next, reuse material items for other purposes when they are no longer useful or give them to others for reuse.  Finally, recycle what can no longer be used.  Recycling conserves natural resources and reduces the amount of energy needed to produce products and thus the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere.  The ultimate, sustainable goal is Zero Waste.  The idea is that objects can be designed and created in such a way as to be able to efficiently reuse and recycle the materials and the embodied energy used to create those objects without harming the environment.  

It is the responsibility of all members of the campus community to act honorably with respect to natural and manmade resources in order to enable future generations to live in a sustainable world.