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Curricular Practical Training Basics (CPT)

1. If your major requires an internship (such as the journalism or art departments) or you are doing an internship for credit, you may be eligible for Curricular Practical Training (CPT). Other CPT internships will be considered on a case-by-case basis and cannot be guaranteed. A summer Shepherd Poverty Program assignment in the US and the spring Washington Term internship will be considered as CPT. CPT is an employment option prior to graduation only. (New York Term or summer Washington Term internships require Optional Practical Training).

2. You must first have a job offer at a particular company or organization. I will need to know the name of the organization, address, and exact begin and end dates of internship. Your faculty/internship supervisor will need to write a letter for my files about your internship and its relevance for your major in order to justify it as a CPT.

3. The job needs to be in a field related to your major.

4. Curricular practical training application can be processed any time prior to the begin date of your internship. Just make allowance for the time it will take to retain a faculty advisor for your CPT internship. There is no fee.

5. Full-time curricular practical training (CPT) is counted toward the 12-month threshold of practical training only if it is over a year. Part-time CPT is not counted toward the 12-month threshold.

In order to be eligible for Curricular Practical Training a student must have a letter written by their advisor endorsing the CPT. The letter must be on department stationary and signed by supervising faculty member. A copy should be maintained by the faculty member and the student. It should be addressed to Amy Richwine, International Student Advisor, Center for International Education. The following is a sample letter:

This letter is to verify that the internship STUDENT'S NAME will take at COMPANY NAME from DATES meets the requirements of CURRICULAR PRACTICAL TRAINING.

The work that STUDENT'S NAME will do directly relates to his/her major. Internships are an integral part of the DEPARTMENT curriculum. THE student will be enrolled in INTERNSHIP COURSE NUMBER in SEMESTER NAME semester.

I, PROFESSOR'S NAME, agree to supervise the internship a with COMPANY NAME. I have already established a contact with a representative from COMPANY NAME and will continue to monitor STUDENT'S NAME's progress throughout the summer.

STUDENT NAME will be responsible for completing the following follow-up work when he /she return in the fall: ENTER REQUIREMENTS.