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Lindsay Erickson

Lindsay Erickson

Hometown: Silver Spring, Md.

Major: Business Administration

Post-Graduation Plans: Beginning this summer, I will be working for the USGA (United States Golf Association) as part of its Fellowship in Leadership and Service. It is a two year program during which I will be working on the USGA's grant making staff, supporting programs around the country that are applying for funding from the USGA to provide underprivileged and disabled youth with the opportunity to benefit from the game of golf, and the values and characteristics the game helps to instill. In addition to working with these programs, I will also be assigned to direct charitable activities, participating in outreach programs to help further golf's reach, while allowing me to develop valuable skills in teamwork, program development, leadership, and event management. The program also aims to help every Fellow grow personally and professionally through their experience with the Fellowship.

What will you miss most about W&L?

What I'll miss most about W&L is the real sense of community that I think every student feels the moment they walk onto our campus as a freshman, and stays with you until graduation day. I will miss my friends, faculty, and staff, and all of the opportunities I have had to really take advantage of our small school environment, exploring all of my interests through various outlets, and making them all a part of who I am.

How are you different now than you were four years ago?

Over my four years here at W&L, I know I have really grown as a person. My experience here at school has helped me to better figure out who I am, where my interests and passions lie, and what my goals are. I think I am coming out of W&L a well rounded person, who is ready and excited to take on the challenges of the "real world."

Do you have any advice for incoming freshmen?

Take advantage of the opportunities W&L has to offer! Get involved around campus early, figure out where your interests lie, and make sure they become a part of your college experience. I think it's easy to focus all of your time and energy on school work and your social life, but dedicating even just an hour or two a week to something beyond the classroom will truly enhance your college experience, and your education.

What do you most look forward to after graduation?

Having grown up on the east coast, I am really looking forward to moving out west, and experiencing a different part of the country after graduation. I absolutely love seeing new places and meeting new people, and I will be doing a whole lot of both through the USGA Fellowship. I think it will be a challenge, moving to a new region without knowing anyone, but I can't wait to get out there.