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Washington and Lee University
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Quiana McKenzie

Quiana McKenzie

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Major: American Government and Society, concentration Poverty Studies

Post-Graduation Plans: James H. Dunn, Jr. Fellow in the Office of the Governor of Illinois - Chicago Office

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What will you miss most about W&L?

The relationships. From friends to faculty and administrators to public safety officers and other staff, all have had some impact on my career at W&L and I am a better person because of each of them.

How are you different now than you were four years ago?

Two Things: I am more confident about my desire to engage in politics and public service and I am better able to interact with people of all backgrounds. Experiences at Washington and Lee forced me out of my "safe space" and encouraged me to challenge my assumptions. I am not at all disappointed with the results.

Do you have any advice for incoming freshmen?

Here's a quote ( that I have altered somewhat) that kept me going: "Being happy does not mean everything is perfect; it means you have decided to look beyond the imperfections" and found a way that you can make things better. Get involved and make your mark!

What do you most look forward to after graduation?

Getting involved in the 2008 Presidential Election!!!