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About the Program

African-American Studies is an interdisciplinary program that spans several disciplines, including art, history, literature, politics, sociology, and music. Courses listed below meet the requirements of the African-American studies minor, but other courses across the curriculum that include an appropriate proportion of material on Africans or African-Americans may be substituted with the approval of the program's advisory committee. In such cases, students may petition the committee to allow other relevant courses.


A minor in African-American studies requires completion of 21 credits. In meeting the requirements of this interdisciplinary minor, a student must use at least nine credits that are not also used to meet the requirements of any other major or minor.

  1. AFAM 130
  2. HIST 259 or 260
  3. 12 additional credits selected from the following. Additional courses may be used when the topic is relevant and the African-American Studies Committee approves.
    AFAM 295
    ARTH 366
    ENGL 365
    HIST 259, 260
    LIT 295, when taught on an African or African-
    American topic
    MUS 221
    POL 250
    SOC 228
  4. Senior capstone experience: A relevant individual study, senior thesis, or honors thesis approved by the program committee and taught by a member of the program faculty