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Information Technology Services

L Drive

Network File Storage for Course Work

  • See special instructions (you will have to log in) on how to create and run a script that will enable you to connect to the L drive from your personal computer

The L drive is intended for instructional use by instructors and students. The fileserver space can be used for student Websites, collaborative assignments and many other kinds of work.  The L drive can be accessed in any application, such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint, or with a file management tool such as Windows Explorer.

Where to find the folders

To access the files in the automatically created course folders on the L drive, follow this path: L drive --> Coursename

Archived Material

All old course materials will be saved in the "Archives" folder as shown below. Information is arranged by department then term then course. All materials will be archived here and always accessible.

Uses for folders

Notice that five kinds of folders are automatically generated for each folder:

  • handouts
  • returns
  • shared
  • turnin
  • public_html

Access restrictions are applied to each of these folders, according to the instructional purpose of the folder. Here is a description of the folders and their functions:

handouts returns shared turn-in
Student access Read-only; students can see and open files but can't change them, although they can copy them into their Home drives, for instance, and then manipulate the files Individualized folders for each student, accessible only by that student, for secure return of assignments to students. All students in the class can access, change and delete all files in this folder, which is intended for collaborative work Folder for secure submission of assignments to teacher. Students can copy their files into the folder, but can't modify files in that folder.  They can only view their own files.

No restrictions are placed on faculty members; any faculty member within the discipline may copy, move, view, delete or otherwise modify any file in any of the folders.

Please note: Students cannot "Save As" to the turnin directory to turn in an assignment. Instead, they must drag and drop the file they which to turn in using windows explorer.

The shared folder can be used for many kinds of collaborative work. For instance:

  • Student group projects - for example, collaboratively produced papers, PowerPoint presentations
  • Peer review of student papers - students save drafts of their papers to this folder, allowing other students to view the draft and to insert comments, if desired. As additional drafts are created, they can be saved to the shared folder as well. Note:
    • the class should agree on a file format for the papers, so that all class members are able to able to view and manipulate the documents; for instance, Microsoft Word file format, or rich text format (available in almost any word-processor)
    • use a naming convention that allows the teacher and students to easily identify assignments and authors. For example: assignment1_joe_jones.doc