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Information Technology Services

Classroom Technology Podiums

Most technology equipped classrooms contain a podium which acts as a central hub for control of the various components of each system.  Technology control is accomplished through a touchpanel or button panel located on or near the podium. 

Classroom Podiums

We have several styles of classroom podiums.  Below is an example of one of our more recent installations.  The computer Classroom Podiummonitor, touchpanel, document camera and laptop connections are all located on the top.  The PC, DVD, and VCR are mounted inside the cabinet.  Seminar rooms are equipped with wireless keyboards and mice for use at the seminar table.

Smart Sympodiums

Smart Sympodiums have been added to a few classrooms. In addition to being an electronic whiteboard, the Sympodium allows you to write over your favorite applications in digital ink – such as existing documents, PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets or Web browsers – and save your notes. Additional information is available from any Classroom Technology Staff member.  See a member of our staff for training.


In addition, Course Capture software is available in some locations.  This software allows you to capture your computer screen and lecture for later distribution.  Students can use the captured lectures for reinforcement and review.  Contact Brandon Bucy ( or Todd Goetz ( for more information.

Sample Control Systems

A photo sampling of the touchpanels and button panels used for room control is located below.  Use these samples as a guide to what you will find in the classrooms.  Training is always available from the Classroom Technology staff to help you understand the specifics of each control system.  Please note there is a HELP button on the panels if you need assistance.

The following graphic represents one of our larger touchpanels which includes a "Preview" window.  The "Preview" window allows the user to see the computer, document camera, vcr or dvd image before it is transmitted to the projector.  The "Send Image to Projector" button (upper left corner) is used to transmit the current contents of the "Preview" window to the projector.        


Another example is from one of our smaller touchpanels.  The user interface below operates without a "Preview" window, but otherwise offers the same functionality.

Some rooms have a simple button pad as a user interface.  These are found mostly in seminar rooms.  Two examples are below.

Button Panel 1

Button Panel 2