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From Alumni...

I started out my college career pretty sure I would end up a Journalism or English major because I loved to write - it only took one introductory Geology lab for me to realize that I could fulfill both my passion for writing and love for science while pursuing a Geology degree.

Whitney Doss, Class of 2006

Geology offers an integrative, scientific avenue of study for issues relating to managing our interactions with the environment, providing adequate resources, ensuring the safety of the built environment in the face of natural hazards, and solving the complex history of earth and its continuing evolution. The Geology Department makes extensive use of the extraordinary geology the Appalachians and other locales around the globe, including but not limited to Hawai'i, Utah, Belize, the Florida Keys, ArgentinaBarbados, American Southwest, New Zealand, and Greece, and we offer many opportunities for research here and around the globe using scientific computing, field programs, laboratory analyses, and GIS mapping.

Theses defenses and the picnic were great!

Thank you Jamie and Alison!

Our 2014 thesis students are already working hard on their research! Their topics are:
Hal Hundley is studying experimental rock deformation of Cambrian-Ordovician carbonates from the valley and ridge of the Appalachians.

Liz Olson is studying beachrock along the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica in order to gain a better understanding of the history of beach morphology in the region as well as to assess the accuracy of current radiometric dating techniques of beachrock.

Karen Roth is using portable X-ray florescence to characterize the chemical composition of obsidian nodules collected in southwestern and western New Mexico, with the aim of establishing their inter-region, inter-site, and intra-site variability to facilitate the sourcing of obsidian archaeological artifacts.

Kendall Wnuk is studying how dynamic erosion affects intermontaine depositional basins in Northwest Argentina

Geology-Related Talks - 2013-2014
Students, faculty, and guests speak about current research in geology and related topics.
Come listen to topical discussions about issues related to geology and talk with faculty members.

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