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Mission Statement/Global Learning Outcomes

International Education at Washington and Lee strives to create an effective global learning environment by providing leadership, administrative oversight, and broad support for international learning and global engagement. Its primary functions are:

  1. to develop, guide, and monitor opportunities for overseas learning by students;
  2. to support faculty logistically in their international research, teaching, and curricular development; 
  3. to advise and assist students, faculty and visitors from abroad in their integration into and involvement with the university and the local community; and 
  4. to promote the ideals of global citizenship, intercultural appreciation, and mutual understanding in a rapidly changing world.

Global Learning Outcomes:

As global learning has become an important part of our university mission, the Faculty has endorsed the following global learning outcomes to incorporate into courses with a global context:

• Demonstrate an understanding of how global issues, processes, trends, and systems have shaped the subject of study;
• Demonstrate the ability to use globally diverse cultural frames of reference and alternate perspectives to think critically, solve problems, or interpret issues and situations as they relate to the course topic;
• Demonstrate an understanding of how the field of study is viewed and practiced in different cultural contexts.