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Mathematics Department

Located on the 2nd floor of Baker Hall

April is Mathematics Awareness Month! 

This years theme is "Mathematics, Magic, and Mystery". Go to the website and you will find a "smart poster" with 30 images on it. On each day in April a link will be added to the next image on the poster so that you can click on the image and watch a video and learn some new mathematical magical mystery! For instance, if you click on one of the first few pictures you can learn how to create a magic square, how to do a card trick using the Fibonacci numbers, and how to do some quick mental math. Every day a new link is added to the poster. Check them out!

One of the things you can learn from the 4th picture on "Mental Math" is the following:

Most people know how to multiply a one digit number by 11: 5 x 11 = 55. How about a 2 digit number: 24 x 11 = 264. The first and last digits come from 24 and the middle digit is their sum! If the sum of the two digits is more than 9, then carry the one to the hundreds digit: 57 x 11 = 627. Give it a try! What is 34 x 11? What is 73 x 11?



Can you imagine...

Ponder the possibilities of time travel. Apply number theory to crunch through codes. Explore the structure of Hilbert space. Study abroad in Budapest or Scotland. Engage in research projects with faculty...

what other math majors have done...

Consider the opportunities that the study of mathematics has provided recent majors who have pursued careers as analysts with consulting firms, as actuaries, as financial analysts in the banking and finance arenas, as teachers, and as software developers; other majors have pursued advanced degrees in mathematics, computer science, economics, engineering, law, and medicine.

During their four years at W&L, mathematics majors learn to "walk and talk" in such fundamental areas of mathematics as single and multi-variable calculus, linear algebra, modern abstract algebra, real and complex analysis, ordinary and partial differential equations, geometry, topology, mathematical statistics, graph theory, and numerical analysis. By "walking and talking" we mean that our goal is for our students to be not only technically sound, but also conversant in mathematics. Each year, several of our majors participate in summer research, either here at W&L or at other universities. Since 1990, our students have written four software packages, developed five websites, published seven expository papers, and authored or co-authored twelve articles appearing in prestigious professional journals such as the American Mathematical Monthly, Linear Algebra and its Applications, and the Transactions of the American Mathematical Society.

what you can do with a math major...

Just like most history majors don't become historians, most math majors don't become professional mathematicians.  So what can they do?


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