Instructions for accessing the Washington and Lee University SACS Web Site



1.      Go to This site is best viewed with Internet Explorer 7 and Adobe Reader 7+. Mozilla’s Firefox browser and older versions of Adobe Reader may have difficulties opening some of the supporting documents. 

Mac users: It is necessary to make Safari the default application to open PDF documents. For instructions on how to do this, please follow the directions provided here.

2.      Click on Compliance Certification and select the appropriate Section on the left menu bar.

3.      All narratives and supporting documents are stored as PDF files and should open in a new window. You may want to adjust the size of the new window if it is not set to full-screen (menu at top right corner of window). We also recommend you un-check the box that prompts you before opening each PDF file for more efficient navigation through the website.

The links to supporting documentation from each narrative will open in the same browser window. Use the Back arrow button to return to the narrative.

4.      If you have any technical questions or problems accessing the website, please contact: Jamie Redwine (, 540-797-2723), SACS Technical Coordinator for Washington and Lee University.

5.      Reviewers needing additional documents or print materials may contact: Debbie Dailey (, 540-458-8316), SACS Liaison.


*We have enclosed a DVD of the website for your convenience. To open the website from the DVD, insert the DVD in your DVD drive and double-click or open the file called, “default.htm”.

You may be prompted to Allow access from the narratives to supporting documents (stored as PDF files).  Sorry for the inconvenience. The supporting documents should open without this prompt if you use the Web site.

If you don’t have a DVD drive or have any problems using the DVD, please contact Jamie Redwine or Debbie Dailey at the above address and we will ship you a USB flash drive.